Jen Squires

Jen Squires

Jonelle Gunderson 

Jonelle is a Toronto-based actor, mover, and creator who originally hails from Saskatchewan. There she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre: U of R) and the Actor’s Conservatory Program (Globe Theatre); while developing an attachment to creative work that is expansive, challenging, and community-driven. She continues to expand her creative horizons by training and performing in theatres locally as well as throughout the country.  Jonelle has most recently been a company member of the internationally renowned Stratford Festival, as well as appearing in a recurring role on CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries.

A background in contemporary dance and movement training has led Jonelle to approach work primarily from a kinetic perspective. Tension, flow, gesture, and physical expression are crucial to her creative choices. This approach can offer a deep layer of understanding to an audience—one that is both silently and universally felt. Jonelle brings this knowledge directly to her work, as exemplified in her recent performances as To Kill a Mockingbird’s Mayella Ewell, A Midsummer Night’s Dream’s Puckand The Drowning Girls’ AliceShe continues to explore the transference of theatre to film by writing, producing, and performing in various film adaptations of Shakespearean texts, including Last Looks (Hamlet), Dearest Enemy (Henry IV pt.1) and Ophelia (Hamlet).

Collective creation, community, and artists’ health continue to motivate Jonelle today. She is presently studying the movement practice of Mitzvah and collaborating on new works in theatre and film.

She would like to continue to travel, and learn about the ocean.