Reviews of To Kill a Mockingbird, Stratford Festival

"This powerful production of To Kill a Mockingbird deserves the widest possible audience."
"Jonelle Gunderson’s portrayal of Ewell’s daughter Mayella, who claims that Tom Robinson raped her, is a pathological study of a desperate young woman who has been systematically abused and tries ineffectively to conceal her fear with outward defiance."
-Christopher Hoile, Stage Door 2018

"...the evening packs a strong, emotional punch."
"Worldly indecency is vividly represented by Jonelle Gunderson as the abused Mayella and by Randy Hughson as her father who, we are strongly led to believe, was the real abuser. They are poor whites clinging, spitefully or pitiably, to the conviction that their whiteness at least gives them someone to look down on, even as their poverty seems to deny it. In Mayella’s case, the pity (ours for her, that is) outweighs the spite; Gunderson brings a whole history of sullen martyrdom on stage with her."
-Robert Cushman, Stratford Festival Reviews 2018

"With a stellar cast and gifted production crew, Williams’ Stratford directorial debut is a mesmerizingly successful production that lingers in one’s mind well past the final curtain call and emptying of the majestic Festival Theatre."
"Jonelle Gunderson hits every note spot-on as his nervous, lying daughter Mayella, his accomplice in the false tale."
-Geoff Dale, Postmedia 2018

"a gut punch of a production"
"Williams attempts to push at the limitations of Sergel’s version in other ways as well – giving extra space to black characters such as Sophia Walker’s finely drawn Calpurnia during scene changes as well some white ones, such as Jonelle Gunderson’s disturbingly bunched up Mayella, the woman who falsely accuses Tom."
-J. Kelly Nestruck, The Globe and Mail 2018

"His accusers are the repugnant, ignorant father-daughter team of Bob Ewell (Randy Hughson weaving in a Deliverance-like take in his characterization) and 19-year-old Mayella (Jonelle Gunderson) who is so economical with the truth that she actually believes her own lies."
-S. James Wegg 2018

"an emotional wallop"
"Through laughter and tears, this Mockingbird is one which must be seen."
"As white trash Bob Ewell and his daughter, Mayella, Randy Hughson and Jonelle Gunderson creepily made my skin crawl. Their ill fitting and ill-kempt costumes appeared so filthy that I honestly thought bugs would start to crawl out from underneath the clothing fabric."
-Joe Szekeres, 2018

"This poignant production, taking place on the Festival Theatre Stage, is full of hope and despair, hate and love, injustice and honour and some incredible performances. It will make you think and it will make you feel."
-Broadway World, Lauren Gienow 2018

Reviews of An Ideal Husband, Stratford Festival

"Jonelle Gunderson as Mrs. Marchmont and Dejah Dixon-Green as Lady Basildon make their Stratford debuts memorable with amusing banter on the dreariness of politics, education and a variety of other topics."
-Steve Rice, Postmedia 2018


Reviews of A Midsummer Night's Dream, Shakespeare in the Ruff

"This rustic and carefree interpretation of dream also featured some impressive performances from local emerging talent. Jonelle Gunderson as petite spitfire Hermia and Eva Barrie as willowy, lovelorn beauty Helena had charming BFF chemistry together.
The sparks between Hermia and same-sex partner Lysandra played by Joella Crichton were also scintillatingly believable. This subtly executed plot twist brought a very different spin to their mentions of breaking the laws of Athens."
-Keira Grant, Mooney on Theatre, 2017

"Some moments capture the otherworldliness that works so well with A Midsummer Night’s Dream, especially in the outdoors... Hermia’s small but mighty reaction to Lysandra’s sudden (magical) devotion to Helena, which gets more violent bite by playing Gunderson’s physicality against her cast mates’."
-Carly Maga, Toronto Star, 2017

"For the sixth year in a row, Shakespeare in the Ruff have transfigured their east-end haunt of Withrow Park, reliably producing one of the most fun, engaging and moving outdoor offerings of the Bard. This year, the troupe conjure up A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and as we’ve come to expect, it’s an enchanting experience that will delight both newcomers and Shakespeare aficionados with strong, absorbing performances and magical design."
-Jordan Bimm, NOW Magazine, 2017

Reviews of A Midsummer Night's Dream, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

" Standout performances. By Jonelle Gunderson as Puck, first of all. With sprite-like movements and a twinkle in the eye and a mischievous look, she’s the heart of the play."
-Cam Fuller, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, 2016

"Of particular note are the performances of Puck (Jonelle Gunderson) and Bottom (Joshua Beaudry). Gunderson’s Puck is full of mischievous energy and frolics from one end of the stage to another all night long..."
- Bruce Sinclair, 2016

Review of J. Caesar, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

"Even though the choice to stage the all-female adaptation (by Vancouver’s Tracey Power and James MacDonald) is important and forward-thinking, you don’t think about it for very long. What you do think about is how well-suited each actor is to her role. Gunderson, as the cunning and cutthroat Cassius, drives much of the action and commands the audience while doing so."

"Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan’s 2016 tragedy features the first all-female cast in the company’s history. It’s not a gimmick or a favour for women. The production is one small step in levelling the playing field and giving actresses a much-deserved chance to shine in one of Saskatoon’s landmark theatre events. In the tent by the river, the seven-woman cast of J. Caesar does its job impeccably."
-Stephanie McKay, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, 2016


Review of Hercules, Sum Theatre

“More memorable moments were created by Jonelle Gunderson as a funny and theatrical messenger Hermes (making quite the entrance on a golden bicycle)”
-Cam Fuller, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, 2015

Review of The Drowning Girls, Globe Theatre

Globe makes a splash with Drowning Girls
“Haunting yet joyful, The Drowning Girls worked its way through a wide spectrum of emotion to tell a compelling tale of love, betrayal and murder... as the women shared their stories, the audience was taken on an emotional roller coaster. While each of the actors shone individually, the strength of the play came from their collaboration.”
-Jeff DeDekker, Regina Leader Post, 2015

Reviews of The Devil You Know, Summerworks Festival

“Gunderson shows a lovely range in her performance as three supporting characters, giving an extremely well-crafted and moving performance as Franka, an incest survivor sharing an account of her experience.”
- Cathy McKim, Life with More Cowbell, 2014

“…stunning in a series of profound monologues as incest survivors of varying sorts, spotlighting a trio of superb performances (from Jonelle Gunderson, Darla Biccum and Krekeler).
-Kelly Bedard, My Entertainment World, 2014

Reviews of Peter Pan, Globe Theatre

“The play featured Harry Judge as Peter Pan and Jonelle Gunderson as Tinkerbell – another wonderful first, usually the role is played by a light!”
-Jeff Pitcher, 2009