Ophelia, reimagined. 

photography by Galit Rodan
art direction + stylist: Meghan McKnight


Shot at Smokey Hollows Falls















A short film shot at Smokey Hollows Falls.

Direction by Alden Adair
Photography by Galit Rodan
Art Direction + Stylist: Meghan McKnight

"Ophelia... she moves in time-- a still unravished girl, a flower-decked Victorian madwoman, an emancipated flapper, a folk singer at an anti-war rally, an articulate exponent of the feminist movement.  She tells us where the play is in time and where we are in history.  If we watch Ophelia carefully, we will get a sense of what the production is doing and of who we are as that ever changing script known as Hamlet moves past our eyes.  She knows, but she can only communicate her meanings in ways that force the audience, like Elsinore, 'to move the hearers to collection'."





Headshots by Jen Squires